An open letter to cyclists

I currently live in Somerville, Massachusetts. It’s just north of Boston, and I guess it’s what you’d call a progressive city. I’ve lived here for just under a year, but I definitely enjoy it and don’t plan on moving anytime soon. That said, one feature that sets it apart from Boston is that it’s very bike-friendly. You can see that they’ve made a serious effort to include bike lanes on most major roads/streets, which is a good thing…for most people.

I however, hate bicyclists. I haven’t always felt this way, and to be honest, prior to moving to Somerville, I empathized with them. Drivers in Boston are unpredictable maniacs, and anyone that was brave enough to share a road with them using only a helmet for protection is a braver soul than I. But these same circumstances result in many (not all) cyclists having a sense of entitlement. They’ve got it in their heads that they’re the David, and cars are Goliath, and every single person behind the wheel of a vehicle is just dying to clip their rear wheel and send them flying. But I am neither cyclist nor driver at the moment, I’m just a pedestrian. And from what I’ve seen, cyclists are fucking hypocrites.

I’m not sure if they’re aware of the laws or not, but they have to obey the same restrictions that drivers do. This means waiting at red lights, not going down the wrong way on a one-way street, yielding for pedestrians in the crosswalk, etc. But I don’t I’ve gone a day without seeing some maniac weave through traffic and speed through a red light, while there are people trying to cross the street. I mean, who cares if we have the walk signal right? They’re just cyclists, we should commend their bravery and commitment to going green and let them pass. I have no right to get angry when I leave my house and cross the street, and some idiot on a bicycle blows by me, the wrong way down the street, and then yells at me for being in his way. I should’ve known better than assume people use common sense.

I want to stress that this doesn’t apply to all cyclists, I’ve seen plenty here (and elsewhere) that manage to share the road with cars and pedestrians alike without being douchebags, but like everything else, there’s always a bunch of assholes to ruin the reputation for everyone. You have to realize that to me, you’re a vehicle. I don’t care how small your bike is, how exposed you are…you’re flying past me at speeds I can’t make riding a huge hunk of metal that would ruin my day if it slammed into me. So instead of complaining about dealing with bad drivers, maybe you should make sure you don’t have the same terrible habits. Pot, meet kettle.

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