Back at it

I’ve been meaning to write for so long. I carry around my little notebook, I jot down ideas and topics and questions all the time, telling myself “as soon as I get home…” and other conditional shit with which I never follow through. So I’m just gonna sit here and force myself to write, with no real topic in mind.

What am I listening to? Excellent question:

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists have changed my life. Pandora (along with Spotify’s radio stations) always gave me the vibe of “people that like x also like y,” which casts too wide a net for my liking. But these? I have no idea what specific criteria is used, but even beyond the above example with similar artists, this is introducing me to stuff I never woulda listened to otherwise. There was even a k-pop song about two weeks back that had it’s turn on the “repeat: 1” ride. Going against what I’ve been saying for years, I’m curious about sampling music, because I think it’d be a great learning experience (but I’m still not giving up on organic, homegrown beats). I’d never heard this track before, but I’d heard it sampled by Flatbush Zombies, and it’s always been a trip to me hearing a full track after being exposed to some warped version of it. I’ve got a couple of lists scattered around with my ideal sampling targets (ranging from songs to video game sounds to random noises), and hearing the transformation in a song like this kinda helps me sonically visualize what I’d like to do with some of em.

I love soul music, I love this old school sound. Basslines can lead a song, and the word “groove” is given a life it’s barely had since.

I might just have to do more of these random pop-ins to get myself re-accustomed with writing. Lord knows I’ve got a bunch to say on a bunch of stuff. But that can wait; right now, it’s all about the music.

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