If You Voted for Donald Trump…

Everyone else has one, so here’s my open letter to anyone that voted for Donald Trump in the election. I’m going to address two key demographics.

First, to those that are racist/sexist/etc and voted for him for that reason: great. There isn’t much to say to you because unlike others, you’re very upfront about why he has your support. Please form a single-file line to the left and proceed to fuck yourselves for all eternity.

There are many supporters that do not consider themselves to be racist/sexist/etc, and supported Trump for one of the reasons listed below, or something similar:

  • Want to see the ACA repealed, think that insurance is too expensive
  • Are in a higher tax bracket and believe that having a Republican in office is a better financial decision
  • Are convinced that a democratic administration is incapable of dealing with ISIL
  • Want to ensure that a Republican chooses the next Supreme Court Justice
  • Are dissatisfied with the government and think that an outsider can fix it
  • Are dissatisfied with the government and want Trump to fail and blow it all up
  • Don’t like Hillary Clinton because emails
  • Don’t like Hillary Clinton because Benghazi
  • Don’t like Hillary Clinton because she would abolish the second amendment

First things first: I don’t believe that you’re all racist (a significant portion, yes…but not all). That may be naive of me, but that’s what I’m going with. However, you have still tethered yourself to this man. You are supporting a vile, terrible, awful human being. The sad truth of it is that you don’t get to pick and choose…if you stand with Trump, then you’re taking the good (I use the term very, very loosely) with the bad. If/when he institutes policies that target minorities, women, Muslims, LGBTQ individuals, and others that he and his party have clearly marked with their hateful crosshairs, that’s on you. If he repeals ACA and those 23 million people lose their health insurance and some of them die, that’s on you. If his supporters, emboldened by the fact that America as a whole seems to endorse hate, commit acts of violence against any of the groups mentioned above, or anyone else, that blood is on your hands (do you think it’s unfair to be held responsible for the actions of a select few on the fringes? Have a seat at the table; minorities and Muslims have been here for some time).

You (and everyone else) heard his words, heard his ideals, knew his history, and spoke with your vote; you said “yes.” Your vote told him that you agree with what he says. You did not condemn him for his views, you did not punish him. One thing you’ve all made a point of saying throughout this campaign is that Donald Trump speaks his mind and doesn’t beat around the bush, so there’s no way you can say that he has left anything open to interpretation. You have to live with that. There can be no feigning surprise in a year or two, no statement of “Well yea I voted for him, but I didn’t want this to happen!” He’s made his plans very clear and your vote was an endorsement, an agreement, a clear-cut “I hear what you’re saying and I want you to be President and have the power to carry out these actions.”

You voted selfishly…which I realize is not something that’s limited to one party or one person. Most people tend to vote selfishly; you vote for the candidate or platform that will benefit you the most. In the past, the consequences of this have been minimal (at least in comparison to our current situation), but this was obviously no ordinary election or campaign.

You chose lower taxes at the expense of every Muslim that will be attacked or persecuted or deported.

You chose to repeal the ACA and save yourself some money at the expense of 23 million people that were previously unable to get health insurance because it’s an industry that puts profit at the top of their list and helping people somewhere around 47th.

You chose to allow him to choose a Supreme Court Justice with the hope that Roe v. Wade would be overturned at the expense of a woman’s right to make one of the most difficult decisions she can make for her own health and well-being.

You chose to allow him to deal with ISIL in whatever manner he chooses at the expense of the refugees trying to escape the very terror that you want exterminated.

Voting for the man but then claiming that you don’t agree with his views is akin to saying you’re not a murderer while supplying the killer with ammunition. This is the very definition of privilege. If you are white, especially a white male, the worst case scenario for you (which spoiler alert: is extremely likely) is that he ignores every promise and pledge he made during the campaign, and your lives remain the same, if not somewhat worse (reduced or eliminated Social Security and Medicare, no more accessible health insurance for those in need). To paraphrase the parasitic worm himself, you thought “What do I have to lose?” and filled in that bubble next to his name. You have little to lose. Others have so much more. But you put yourself first. If it takes spilled blood and rampant racism and violence and discrimination and islamophobia and sexism for you to gain your wish, so be it, right (and if you’re not a white male, or not even white, don’t get me started)?

So while you might sit there and list of the litany of reasons why you aren’t racist or sexist, you clearly decided that your comparatively miniscule needs outweigh the rights of other people that are not the same as you. Your problems are more important than the lives of those…others. Your vote stated, in no uncertain terms, that all of the groups mentioned above (and likely many more) do not matter to you.

“My taxes are more important than that Muslim that was attacked.”

“My desire to annihilate terrorists is more important than refugees trying to escape said terrorists.”

“My hatred for ACA is more important than allowing a woman the option of getting an abortion, even when medically necessary.”

You claim you aren’t racist, yet you voted that the problems of these others do not matter as much as yours. You voted against equality. You voted with the mindset that certain groups of people are inferior and unworthy of the same assistance and attention and respect. You want to make America great, but not for everyone.

So keep insisting you aren’t racist, that you don’t discriminate. But if it walks like a duck, and it talks like a duck…


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