Jordan Edwards 

I just wanna say a few things about this case and how it’s progressed. In a vacuum, some people are going to see how quickly the officer was fired and charged with murder and think it’s a good thing. It is, but not nearly as good as you’d like to believe. The obvious reason is that we’ve seen enough of these to know better until there’s an actual conviction. But the bigger reason is that not enough people are asking themselves why this happened in the first place. Why does a police officer feel like he can 1) pull out his rifle when it’s not needed 2) say that the car was coming at him and he felt threatened 3) KNOW that the bodycam footage will contradict his story, but still lie without hesitation? What’s the thought process of a man that knows he’s in no danger, but decides that he’s going to lie in order to justify firing his weapon for no reason other than he wanted to do it? What’s the thought process of the cop that shot a fleeing Walter Scott in the back and dropped a taser next to his body to set up the false narrative of “I feared for my life”?
It’s easy, they don’t think that black lives matter. And whenever the phrase comes up, cause lord knows there are the people that hate hearing it, there are always those Monday morning quarterbacking a person’s death and deciding what the victim should or shouldn’t have done, but never applying the same scrutiny to the one that pulls the trigger (or applies the chokehold). When you cut corners and lie about it to justify killing someone (and I mean, you can’t state that enough; their brains have decided to shoot first and come up with a reason later), you do it because you see no value in the lives you’re taking.
Now, if you want to believe that somehow, a variety of people in the same profession have had the same thoughts and followed the same steps of half-assedly lying about their justifications for murder, without it possibly representing something greater about police culture, then that’s on you and go right ahead.
But while everyone argues about the cop and why it’s ok or not ok, there’s still a 15 year old kid that was shot to death and his brothers that were in the car when it happened and will have to deal with this for the rest of their lives.
Black lives matter does not succeed when cops are charged with murder quickly instead of two years after the fact (see: Laquan Mcdonald case). Black lives matter does not succeed when killer cops are finally convicted after avoiding persecution for so long. Black lives matter succeeds when the mentality is changed, and people no longer want to kill and lie about it. When the black life has value, these split second decisions will go another way and kids won’t have to worry about being a hashtag when they grow up. The cure is not treatment, it’s prevention. And that’s why you will continue to see the slogan #BlackLivesMatter everywhere, because until everyone understands that, we just gotta keep reminding them.

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