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The Civility Con

Saying that what’s going on with Sarah Huckabee Sanders contributes to the divisiveness in this country is equating “Republican officials have a right to eat a meal in peace” with “parents have a right to not be forcefully separated from … Continue reading

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Speak Up

Every person with a voice is responsible for using it. The size of the voice is irrelevant; if there’s at least one person you could be speaking to and you don’t, you’ve failed. If you have older relatives or children … Continue reading

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Can you teach empathy? Is it an innate sense we’re all born with, or is it something you learn? Why is it that some people are unable to sympathize with a situation they haven’t personally experienced? Even worse, why are … Continue reading

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Understanding the Mindset of Trump Voters

Ever since I read Darryl Davis’ book Klan-Destine Relationships (about a black man that began seeking out members of the KKK to understand why they hate), I’ve been convinced that the key to eliminating hate is open conversation. People on all sides … Continue reading

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Metal, hate, and hypocrisy

So back in April of last year, Metal Injection posted an article about Inquisition (which was inspired by this post by Jonsan van Johnson) implying that the band members are Nazis, based upon a story told by Daniel Gallant, a driver during … Continue reading

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Back at it

I’ve been meaning to write for so long. I carry around my little notebook, I jot down ideas and topics and questions all the time, telling myself “as soon as I get home…” and other conditional shit with which I … Continue reading

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Thoughts of Thinking.

This is just gonna be some freeform shit, so if there are a bunch of errors or it gets too rambly, my bad. I read the story that the relatives of the Charleston shooting victims have forgiven the killer. And … Continue reading

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