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Understanding the Mindset of Trump Voters

Ever since I read Darryl Davis’ book Klan-Destine Relationships (about a black man that began seeking out members of the KKK to understand why they hate), I’ve been convinced that the key to eliminating hate is open conversation. People on all sides … Continue reading

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If You Voted for Donald Trump…

Everyone else has one, so here’s my open letter to anyone that voted for Donald Trump in the election. I’m going to address two key demographics. First, to those that are racist/sexist/etc and voted for him for that reason: great. … Continue reading

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Thoughts of Thinking.

This is just gonna be some freeform shit, so if there are a bunch of errors or it gets too rambly, my bad. I read the story that the relatives of the Charleston shooting victims have forgiven the killer. And … Continue reading

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Why You Should Care About Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and the Criminal (In)justice System

That was Part I…Part II is me trying to address the most common questions/statements made in response to what’s going on. Obviously these words don’t represent anything but my own opinions and I welcome any and all viewpoints (but if … Continue reading

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Race and Justice

(This is a rambling mess, but I don’t really care…I’m just spewing words here). Like everyone else, I’ve been following the Trayvon Martin trial. There are two things everyone keeps mentioning in the wake of the verdict: that the outcome … Continue reading

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